Interested in my work?   Need a logo, banner, icon, portrait, illustration, comic art? Want to hire me to do art for you?


Please check out my rates for work below and feel free to email me with any questions:



Prices are negotiable due to the subjective nature of the work but in general I aim to be reasonable.

Base Prices for Work: Buys you the conception and execution of work and rights to use it as yours

  • Simple ink drawing (eg lone figure or logo) approximately 8.5 X 11 = $30 USD
  • Complex Ink Drawing (eg scene with background) at 14 X 17 or larger= $60 USD
  • Coloring work = Base price of work +$40-60 more depending on size and detail of image
  • Rush Job = Case by Case basis
  • Physical Print= $10 per print + Shipping
  • Buying Original= Negotiable + Shipping. 


Discounts availble for ongoing jobs, bulk orders, and other instances. 


Interested in an order?  E-mail me with detailed instructions

Please note that prices may be subject to change due to complexity of work, time constraints, or other factors. We will converse via E-mail or Skype to negotiate and ensure both aprties have full understanding of the project.


I look foward to working with you!



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